SAW Technology

A surface acoustic wave (SAW) is an acoustic wave traveling along the surface of a material exhibiting elasticity.

There are 5 main differentiating factors with technology from HM Energy. Click to see the overview.
  • ► Monolithic piezoelectric (crystal) substrate
  • ► Advanced packaging design
  • ► Superb performance
  • ► Frequency Filter Applications
  • ► Sensor Applications

Detailed Specs

Monolithic piezoelectric (crystal) substrate Provides a high tolerance to:

  • Temperature
  • Electrostatic
  • Magnetic
  • Radiation

Advanced packaging design

  • Caustic chemicals resistant materials
  • Strong PEEK radome withstand over 20,000 psi of hydrostatic pressure
  • Strong nickel alloy grooved base for pressure fit into milled hole with over 200 lbs of pressure
  • Grooved base comprises of decompression channels


Superb performance

  • Operate on 2.4GHz frequency ¡Venables higher antenna efficiency
  • Unlike semiconductor based RFID technology, SAW does not consume RF energy which provides longer read distance and higher sensitivity

Sensor Applications

  • Process control for chemical reaction plants
  • Medical analysis and bio-sensing
  • Automotive applications ¡Vtorque and tire pressure sensors
  • Medical applications (chemical sensors)
  • Industrial and commercial (humidity, temperature and mass sensors)